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Have your aging parents created a health power of attorney?

No one wants to think about their parents getting older, losing mental clarity and slowly dying. However, aging and the physical and mental deterioration that come with it are a part of life. If you're worried about the health and mental capacity of your aging parents, it may be time to talk with them about creating a specific power of attorney to deal with health issues in the future.

Need the low down on trust planning?

Many Georgia residents (and those elsewhere) avoid the topic of their own mortality like the plague. Others understand the potential benefits of such discussions, especially when it comes to estate planning. Procrastination in organizing an estate arises for many reasons. Often, it is lack of knowledge about a particular issue, such as trust planning, that keeps people from moving forward with their estate plans.

What type of medical care do you want, or not want?

Certain topics are timeless by nature in that they apply to Georgia residents of any age or state in life. For instance, a person need not be a certain age to consider long-term care needs and goals for his or her own future. Within that topic of discussion, many people find it important to consider various issues concerning medical care, namely care that may be given in a life or death situation.

Creating a special needs trust to protect an autistic child

A few decades ago, Down syndrome was one of the most common forms of special needs in the United States. With one in 700 live births resulting in a child with Down syndrome, it was common enough to be known without being very likely to impact any given family. These days, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are the most common form of special needs in the United States. As many as one out of 68 children in the country have some form of this condition.

A checklist is a good tool to help parents with estate planning

Many adult children in Georgia are currently helping their aging parents in various ways as they enter their Golden Years in life. For some, this means finding appropriate nursing facilities for parents who can no longer live independently. Others are more focused on the estate planning process, especially if a mother or father has asked a son or daughter to administer an estate when the time comes or to act in some other designated capacity.

A trust may be an option if avoiding probate is a high priority

Many Georgia homeowners are currently trying to determine the best way to provide for their loved ones when they're gone. How to distribute assets, in particular, who should get the house, is a pressing question that often leads to more questions before answers are discovered. Many people have a difficult time choosing whether to execute a will and include their homes as inheritance or whether to place their houses in trust while they're still living.

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