When siblings fight over a trust, resolution may be challenging

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Many Georgia parents take the time to execute thorough estate plans to protect their assets and provide for their loved ones after they’re gone. Just as many parents must intervene when their young children squabble and bicker, there also seems to be an increase of sibling rivalry where estate planning documents are concerned. The only difference is, if children are adults and fight over a trust or some other aspect of an estate plan, parents are no longer there to intervene.

Some say higher incidents of contested wills and disputes over trusts and other issues may be due to the fact that many families nowadays are affected by divorce. When remarriage is thrown into the mix, it can be a recipe for disaster. There have also been record numbers of courtroom battles regarding family wealth.

In fact, one court reported an increase more than 40 percent concerning sibling and inter-generational fights over trusts. When a person involved in a family dispute turns to experienced legal guidance for help, problems may often be settled without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom, but not always. That’s another good reason to have an experienced attorney on hand, in case litigation is needed.

One of the ways an estate owner can possibly prevent future disputes among heirs is to seek review of a proposed estate plan or trust, ahead of time. A key to success often lies in how well-written a particular plan is, hopefully leaving little room for confusion or disagreement. Anyone facing current problems regarding estate planning in Georgia may seek answers by meeting with an experienced estate planning attorney.

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