Nursing home under scrutiny following reports of elder abuse

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A representative for a nursing facility outside the state of Georgia said suspicion of abuse is taken very seriously at all times. This is why eight employees were recently terminated from their positions at the nursing home. Although none of those fired were primary caregivers of residents, they all reportedly participated in or helped to conceal information regarding the abuse of an elderly woman who suffers from dementia.

There is reportedly video evidence of two certified nursing assistants treating the woman quite harshly. The film shows the two workers yelling and cursing at the patient. A spokesperson for the nursing home also said the evidence shows the employees handling the elderly woman roughly, causing her to groan in pain.

When an administrator became aware of the situation, local police were notified and the two workers were suspended. They, along with six others, were eventually fired. The others were said to have known about the incident but failed to report it to anyone in authority.

A nursing home investigation remains ongoing at the facility at this time. Such incidents are by no means isolated to this particular nursing center. Many similar incidents have occurred in Georgia and other states throughout the country. Anyone who wishes to seek justice on behalf of an elderly loved one who has been abused by nursing staff can begin the process by discussing the incident with an experienced personal injury attorney. From there, evidence can be gathered and third party witnesses enlisted if needed to help substantiate the claim in court.

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