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What you need to know about granting power of attorney

Estate planning consists of various tools you can use to plan for an uncertain future. For example, you can write a will to leave your Gainesville home to your children. Or, you might create a living will in case you become incapacitated and can no longer make decisions for yourself. You might even choose to start a trust for your wife so that you can feel confident she will continue to have income after you pass.

Mental illness and other possible health problems for the elderly

Knowing that a mother or father is getting on in years but not being able to visit him or her everyday can cause an adult child to worry. It's understandable that aging parents would like to maintain as much independence as possible. Their children typically want the same for them but also want to make sure that living independently is what's best for their parents. If mental illness or another serious health problem is suspected, it may be time to access support resources in Georgia.

A special needs trust can protect your autistic child

Being a parent is a nerve-wracking pursuit. This is especially true for those who have special needs children in their lives. There are many considerations involved with parenting a special needs child that the average parent will never need to consider. Children with special needs are more likely than their peers to suffer abuse. They may struggle academically as well.

Important issues regarding long-term care and estate planning

Two issues of high priority in many people's lives often intersect as one may impact the other financially or otherwise. However, just the thought of trying to devise a sufficient long\-term care and estate plan is enough to cause many Georgia readers stress. Keeping a few key points in mind may help avoid major problems.

Nurse's aide charged with abuse and other nursing home crimes

Many families in Georgia have elderly loved ones who reside in assisted living facilities. Part of long\-term care often includes researching and finding the right nursing home to suit a particular person's needs. When a family thinks it has found the right place for one of its members, then learns that things are not up to par, it's understandable that feelings of anger or frustration might set in. This appears to be the type of situation that has taken place with regard to a facility in another state.

Talk to parents about long-term care sooner rather than later

Talking to your parents about long-term care may seem like an impossible task. In fact, you may have been putting it off for weeks, months or even a year. Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to have the conversation and to find proper care that you can trust. The last thing you want to do is to move them into a Gainesville nursing facility without taking enough time to ensure it is safe and your parent, or parents, will be free from the risk of abuse.

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