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Might in-home care be part of your long-term care planning?

Adult children in Georgia often help take care of their parents as they age. The long-term care planning process may be relatively simple or quite complex, depending on individual needs and circumstances. Many elders want very much to be able to remain in their own homes rather than spend their golden years in assisted living facilities.

Two Georgia workers arrested and charged with nursing home abuse

Many long-term care planning endeavors include instructions and specifications regarding assisted living care. It's not uncommon for an adult child Georgia or another state to help an aging parent secure residence in a nursing home. Sadly, it's also far too common that such situations lead to tragedies when adult children later learn their parents were neglected or abused by staff members.

Consider these issues as your parents get older

Facing the realities of aging parents is rarely a simple matter. Not only must you come to terms with how taking on more responsibilities for your parents may change your relationship, you must also address a number of issues that your parents may not want to discuss. Depending on the current nature of your relationship with your parents, you may face a number of difficulties in your efforts to help them plan for aging and end of life issues.

Understanding estate planning terminology

Planning for long-term care of the elderly often includes matters of estate. When a Georgia resident enters the estate planning process, he or she is likely to encounter various terms and phrases that may sound complicated or difficult to understand without appropriate  legal guidance. Gaining an understanding of basic estate plan terminology ahead of time can help make the execution of a thorough estate plan less stressful.

Your will should address medical and financial power of attorney

Planning your estate is something that far too many people put off until they have to retire or deal with a dire medical diagnosis. It's always ideal to have a plan in place well before you need it, because life often defies prediction. Thankfully, it's never too late to put some consideration into the many issues that could face your loved ones if you become incapacitated.

Nursing home fined for harm to patients

When Georgia families have elders who can no longer live independently, they often help their loved ones secure new residence in assisted living facilities. Not everything is as it seems with some facilities, however. In fact, a nursing home in another state was recently fined thousands of dollars for violating patient safety regulations.

How an irrevocable trust can help provide for loved ones

Many Georgia estate owners are concerned about helping to provide for their loved ones well into the future, long after they themselves are gone. Some have children or other family members with special needs. Others are interested in helping to pay for loved ones' college educations. There are various means for securing such gifts within an estate plan, one of which is to sign an irrevocable trust.

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