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Time to choose a legal guardian? Read this first

When Georgia parents take on the solemn task of choosing adults to step in and become legally responsible for their children should they themselves die or become incapacitated, they often choose close family members to fulfill the role. However, choosing a legal guardian is a serious matter that parents should only make after considering various factors, including whom they believe would act in their children's best interests at all times. While it's easy and perhaps natural to want to choose relatives, the truth is, it might not always be the best decision.  

The Medicaid look back period will impact your end-of-life plan

Planning for care at the end of your life or the end of your parent's life is an important step for long-term financial security. If you don't take steps as early as possible, your legacy or finances could end up compromised. While there are state programs in place to help pay for long-term care and skilled nursing services, there are income and asset caps that apply to that coverage.

How to find a good nursing home in Georgia or beyond

Residence in a full-time assisted care facility is not always permanent. A person may be sent to a Georgia nursing home to recover from a surgery. Then again, many people, especially those who are aging and no longer able to live independently, may spend the majority of their elderly years in a nursing center. When researching nursing homes for oneself or an aging parent, there are several things to keep in mind. 

The many times to update your estate plan

Once you create an estate plan, it's easy to assume that you never again have to think about it. While it's not required that you review your estate plan in the future, you should get into the habit of doing so. You may discover a detail that needs your immediate attention.

The importance of a living will increases as your parents age

Even for those with the longest potential life spans, aging takes its toll over time. Skin sags, muscles shrink and minds begin to atrophy. For many people, aging is a gradual process over many years. However, for some people, aging can suddenly leap forward without warning. Strokes, seizures, blood clots and heart attacks could all suddenly turn someone older but robust into someone struggling.

Assisted living facilities fight back after Medicaid rate cuts

Georgia is home to many nursing centers that provide for the needs of aging residents and those who are no longer able to independently care for themselves at home. Assisted living care benefits many families, especially when adult children or other loved ones are unable to check in often enough to make sure older or infirm family members are doing well. An assisted living facility in another state has taken legal action along with other area facilities against administrators who cut rates for payments paid to the facility for Medicaid patients.  

Medicare does not pay for non-skilled living assistance

Many Georgia residents have come to a place in their lives when they need outside support and assistance for daily living. Such situations do not always directly pertain to medical needs. Some people, in fact, still live independently at home but need help cooking, running errands or going through daily personal hygiene routines. It's not uncommon for elders to mistakenly believe that Medicare will cover the cost of daily living assistance.

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