Comedian Tim Conway’s family fighting over conservatorship

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Georgia fans of the old Carol Burnett Show are likely also big fans of comic Tim Conway, a main player on the show for many years. Siadly, Conway has reportedly become afflicted with dementia. Unfortunately, one of his six children, a daughter, is battling his wife over conservatorship.

His daughter told the judge overseeing the case that she believed her 84-year-old father’s wife was planning to relocate him from the facility where he now receives round-the-clock care. She stated that she also believes such a move would be highly detrimental to his health, and possibly even place his life at risk. The situation is a complicated one, however, because Conway’s wife has adamantly stated that she does not have, nor ever has had any intention on moving her husband to another facility.

Those who support Conway’s wife say she is well-fit to be his conservator. In fact, another TV star, Bob Newhart and his wife issued a public statement saying they are close friends of the Conways and can assure all Conway’s fans that he is receiving the highest quality care available at this time. The judge has not yet made a final decision but did rule that, until she does, Conway is not to be moved.

Conway’s daughter said she appreciates the judge’s careful consideration of the conservatorship matter. Sadly, this is not the only family currently facing such problems. For those who happen to reside in Georgia, an experienced long-term care planning attorney would be a great source of support.

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