Where to seek support for long-term care planning issues

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Older Georgia residents may currently be facing complicated issues regarding Medicaid, annuities, insurance issues or other elder law problems. When long-term care planning problems arise, elders and adult children who may be trying to help can feel overwhelmed and unsure how to obtain support. Such issues can often have immediate and far-reaching repercussions on nursing home care or other assisted living situations.

A key factor in solving long-term care problems often lies in how well those involved understand the differences between certain issues, such as Medicaid, which is a public program and other private options. Coverage limitations, regulations and costs vary between programs. Just because an elder may not be eligible for one particular program does not necessarily mean he or she is not eligible for another.

Not all long-term care takes place in nursing homes. Sometimes, people hire in-home services to help with daily living activities that they are no longer able to do for themselves. Such people may still be able to live in an independent environment as long as they have outside help coming in to assist them. Only certain public programs pay for home-based services, so it is important to learn about such topics ahead of time.

J. Kevin Tharpe, P.C., in Georgia, is committed to providing strong long-term care planning support to elders and to adult children who are caring for their parents. The safety and well-being of those who are aging is of highest priority. By requesting a case review, you can take the first step toward determining the best long-term care options available or to resolve any legal matter regarding home-based or nursing home care.

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