Nursing home issues can spark elder law problems

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Long-Term Care Planning |

When a Georgia adult son or daughter helps an aging parent transition to assisted living, he or she often speaks with many facility officials before determining which specific place is the best fit for his or her loved one. Nursing home issues are often a central focus of long-term care planning. Sadly, not all care providers do their jobs well. In fact, some are downright neglectful or abusive, which was apparently the case in another state.

Siblings in that state say nursing home workers abused their 91-year-old mother. She is known for her distaste of hospital gowns. The woman’s children say their mother was left with severe emotional trauma after two staff members intentionally taunted her with a hospital gown.

The workers allegedly waved a gown in the woman’s face, then videoed it and posted it on Instagram. In the film, the elderly patient (who suffers from dementia) can reportedly be seen waving her arms erratically to try to keep the gown at a distance from her face. The children say it is bad enough that their mother was mistreated by those who were supposed to be caring for her. It is even worse that officials were slow to act when the incident was reported. 

The two nursing home workers were ultimately fired from their positions. The woman’s family has filed a lawsuit seeking approximately $1 million in damages on her behalf. An experienced Georgia elder law attorney can provide strong support if a problem issue arises at any time during long-term care planning or beyond.

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