Is falling inevitable as you age?

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As we age, falls are very possible. Slips and falls are the leading cause of injuries for seniors. It’s a very scary experience that many older people must worry about daily.

Although falls are a big risk when you age, it is not your absolute fate. Changing your lifestyle and aiming to have a healthier life can substantially reduce the number of falls among seniors.

How do I avoid falls?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four older adults will fall resulting in a severe injury. With this scary statistic, it seems like falling is inevitable. Although it is a huge concern, there are ways to avoid falls.

  • Exercise

Exercise can help improve your balance and strength. The stronger your legs are and the more balance you have, the less likely you are to fall. It can also help you if you do fall. With a more active lifestyle, your body has a better chance of bouncing back after a fall. Because of this, health professionals urge their patients to set realistic goals to increase activity.

  • Make your home safer

As you grow older, your house can become a danger to you. With an adjustment of your mind set, you can see the dangers that could be. A shower or a rug can cause major slips that can end poorly. By using a bathmat for your shower and using grip tape for your rugs, you can avoid a harmful situation.

  • Have your eyes checked

Keeping up on your eyesight can help you avoid falls because as your eyesight worsens, your depth perception worsens as well. With severe eye conditions, your eyesight could be limited. Both limited eyesight and poor depth perception can leave you vulnerable to falls. By going to the eye doctor at least once a year, your vision is less likely to contribute to a fall.

  • Talk with your healthcare provider

Having an open and honest conversation with your healthcare provider can help you understand yourself better. If you worry about falling, your doctor can help you adjust to avoid this. Whether it’s medications or your health, a doctor can alter your care plan to aid you in your worry.

The older you get, the more you have to worry about your health. Although it has never been a concern before, falling can lead to severe health risks. Take the proper precautions and take care of yourself as you age. It could save you from a frightening experience.

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