Preparing for autistic children’s higher education

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Preparing for children’s college is challenging for any parent. Parents of children with autism, however, have additional worries when it comes to sending their children to higher education institutions. Estimates show that parents of autistic children will need to save at least $75 per month from birth to save for higher education to meet the needs of their children. Not only that, but autistic children often need more support and guidance available. 

We understand how important it is to plan for children with special needs and we have helped many of our clients prepare for the future of their children. 

Choosing the right college 

According to, choosing the right college is essential to helping autistic children succeed. Many universities exist that specifically address the needs of autistic children and can help with the following services. 

  • Counseling and support services 
  • Note-taking support 
  • Transition programs 
  • Programs that focus on career readiness 
  • Social competence programs 

Finding a college that has the right services can make all the difference when it comes to helping autistic children succeed. 

Address your child’s future as soon as possible 

An article on mentions how important it is to start planning autistic children’s needs early. Certain types of trusts or other financial instruments will be paramount when it comes to applying for FASFA for them. Having a large number of assets can work against an autistic child if it is not titled properly. Parents need to review their will regularly to ensure that it is correct. Additionally, when major life changes happen, parents should be sure to correct beneficiaries immediately, if necessary. 

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