The purpose of a living will

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Generally speaking, a living will is a legal document that specifies healthcare wishes for the creator in the instance that they are unable to communicate their wishes. For example, if you do not want to remain alive through artificial means you can state this in the document. 

We understand how the law applies to estate planning and have helped many of our clients with their living wills, and more. 

Why are living wills important? 

Living wills, also known as healthcare directives, are an important part of deciding your final wishes when it comes to medical care. Doctors must do all that they can to keep you alive. Well-intentioned family members may find it too painful to let you pass away if they can keep you on life support. By having a living will in place, you can make sure that your wishes continue to play a role, even if you are in a state of permanent unconsciousness. 

According to FindLaw, doctors in Georgia are not held liable for carrying out your final wishes. This can also relieve your family members from the emotional turmoil that comes with having to decide if you live or die in that situation. 

What else does a living will accomplish? 

A living will has more than just one facet in Georgia. Not only can you specify your preference for medical treatment if you are unable to communicate, but you can also designate a family member to make decisions on your behalf and nominate someone to be your guardian if necessary. More information about this topic is available on our webpage. 

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