What does Georgia require of its nursing homes?

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Finding the right home for your loved one can be an intimidating task. Questions of cost and location alone are enough to add to your stress. Perhaps the most vital of all elements to consider is the quality of the facility you are checking out.

Between factors like personnel needs, medical services and dietary necessities, there are numerous standards that long-term care facilities must adhere to in order to meet Georgia state requirements. It may help you in your search, or if you have a loved one already in a home, to review some of these requirements:

  • Diet: Your loved one’s nursing home should have the regular counsel or oversight of a qualified dietitian who will provide their services to the home for no less than 8 hours each month. The dietitian must approve of the menu and planned meals. Nursing home staff must provide meals no longer than five hours apart during the day and fourteen hours apart from evening to morning. Staff must also offer residents snacks between meals.
  • Medical care: Only nursing personnel may administer medications for your loved one and they must provide medical care to your loved one according to their patient care plan and their physician’s recommendations. The facility must also have provisions in place for equipment sterilization.
  • Staffing: Every facility must have a fulltime registered nurse as their director of nursing services. During each shift in a 24-hour period, there must be at least one nurse in charge of activities. This nurse may be a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse or a licensed undergraduate. Additionally, a social caseworker must either be on staff at the facility or made available through a third-party agency.
  • Sanitation and housekeeping: All areas at the facility should be clean and free of tripping hazards or debris. Your loved one’s nursing home must also have a policy and procedures in place for infection control.

There are, of course, dozens of other requirements that the facility must meet to adhere to Georgia rules for nursing homes. Taking time to ensure your loved one’s prospective home is up to standard may help you protect them from inadequate care.

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