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10 things you'll need if your parent has a serious health crisis

It can be hard to talk to our parents and loved ones about what would happen in a health crisis, or about end-of-life decision-making. Emotions can run high. If you're having trouble talking to your parents about planning for the future, consider using another person's situation as a springboard.

Protect your loved one by watching for elder abuse

The decision to put an aging loved one, such as a parent, into an assisted living or nursing home facility is a difficult one. After all, you want to do the best you can by your loved one, and chances are that he or she would prefer to live at home for as long as possible. No matter how strong-willed someone is, however, there comes a point when around-the-clock care and monitoring become medically necessary. Perhaps your loved one has been diagnosed with a condition that causes dementia, like Alzheimer's disease. If you are not able to stay home to provide care 24/7, a facility is the best choice.

Estate planning and second marriages

resizeimage.net-output (2).jpgSecond marriages result in a unique set of needs when planning for your estate's future. In most cases, two families are brought together, which makes the process of allocating and distributing assets a bit more complex. Planning for the financial wellbeing of your entire family requires you to have the right tools and resources to protect your assets, minimize estate planning costs, and ensure that all of your wishes are carried out. Establishing your estate planning goals, communicating them clearly, and using the right planning strategies makes it easy to accomplish all of these objectives. 

What happens to your assets when you enter a nursing home?

60.jpgProtecting your assets is one of the many challenges you'll face as you grow older. This is especially true for families that have to deal with mounting medical and home care costs. In many cases, individuals are transitioned into a nursing home to provide ongoing care. But these and other services can be expensive, and your assets may be at risk if you're unable to cover nursing home costs. Knowing what happens to your assets if you go into a nursing home is the first step to protecting the financial wellbeing of you and your family.

Understanding resident rights in long-term care facilities

Understanding the benefits of a living trust

understanding-the-benefits-of-.jpgPlanning your estate is an important step to take for the future. It requires challenging decisions that affect the distribution of assets, the care of loved ones, and other aspects of your life. A living trust can provide many benefits to you and your family. It's used to determine the distribution of assets after you're gone, and there are different types of living trusts that you need to be aware of. The following will help you understand living trust benefits and the options that best suit your needs.

What is Elder Law?

There are many issues that affect the aging population. Healthcare, personal finance, and guardianship are just some of the areas that can be addressed by having the right legal resources to support the goals of you and your family.

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