Don’t Let A Court Decide The Fate Of Your Assets. Create An Estate Plan.

Northeast Georgia Estate Planning Lawyer J. Kevin Tharpe Can Help

Regardless of your net worth, creating an estate plan is an important part of protecting your assets and your family’s future. If you die without an estate plan, your family will not have the legal right to divide and distribute your estate’s assets. Instead, the court will divide your assets according to Georgia law, which may result in a distribution of assets that you would not have wanted.

J. Kevin Tharpe, P.C., provides experienced estate planning representation in northeast Georgia. Kevin served as an IRS estate and gift tax attorney prior to entering private legal practice. He has the knowledge and experience to create an estate plan that will avoid probate, protect you from long-term care expenses and reduce tax liability so you can maximize the value of your estate. Please call 866-253-6994 to make an appointment with a northeast Georgia estate planning attorney.

Comprehensive Estate Planning: It Can Avoid Probate

A thorough estate plan will address issues such as coordinating wishes with title of assets, protecting and distributing assets and specifying end-of-life decisions. J. Kevin Tharpe can help you determine which estate planning tools are best for your family. This may include:

Kevin can review existing estate plans and draft original documents, whether you have a modest income or a high net worth.

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