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Nursing home fined for harm to patients

When Georgia families have elders who can no longer live independently, they often help their loved ones secure new residence in assisted living facilities. Not everything is as it seems with some facilities, however. In fact, a nursing home in another state was recently fined thousands of dollars for violating patient safety regulations.

Determining whether home care is a long-term care planning option

Helping an aging parent plan and provide for his or her health and financial needs can be a challenging and emotional experience. There are often so many long\-term care options, it is difficult to determine which ones best suit a loved one's particular needs and goals. A main decision many adult children help their parents make is whether to include home care as a part of a plan. In fact, there may be some in Georgia who are currently considering this option.

No such thing as a perfect nursing home, but safety is important

When adult children in Georgia assist their aging parents in long\-term care planning, the process often includes researching various permanent resident facilities. There is no way to guarantee that no mishaps or negative situations will ever occur in a particular nursing home. However, there are several things prospective residents and their families can do to determine which facility best suits their particular needs and goals for long-term care. One of the first rules of thumb is to never underestimate word-of mouth assessments.

Protecting loved ones from harm not always possible

When Georgia families make decisions to seek assisted living care for aging parents, they may face many challenges trying to find facilities that are best suited to their family members' needs. Protecting loved ones and ensuring they receive quality care is at the top of most people's lists of priorities when researching nursing homes in their areas. The bottom line is that the majority of the time, the loved one is going to be out of sight from other family members; therefore, it takes a lot of confidence in staff members' abilities and priorities to entrust a mother or father to their care.

Important issues regarding long-term care and estate planning

Two issues of high priority in many people's lives often intersect as one may impact the other financially or otherwise. However, just the thought of trying to devise a sufficient long\-term care and estate plan is enough to cause many Georgia readers stress. Keeping a few key points in mind may help avoid major problems.

Nurse's aide charged with abuse and other nursing home crimes

Many families in Georgia have elderly loved ones who reside in assisted living facilities. Part of long\-term care often includes researching and finding the right nursing home to suit a particular person's needs. When a family thinks it has found the right place for one of its members, then learns that things are not up to par, it's understandable that feelings of anger or frustration might set in. This appears to be the type of situation that has taken place with regard to a facility in another state.

Nursing home under scrutiny following reports of elder abuse

A representative for a nursing facility outside the state of Georgia said suspicion of abuse is taken very seriously at all times. This is why eight employees were recently terminated from their positions at the nursing home. Although none of those fired were primary caregivers of residents, they all reportedly participated in or helped to conceal information regarding the abuse of an elderly woman who suffers from dementia.

Time for assisted living? Know how to find a good facility

It can be a highly emotional time when parents and adult children in Georgia determine that an aging mother or father is no longer able to live in an independent setting. Assisted living facilities serve valuable functions throughout the nation; however, choosing the right facility to meet a particular person's needs can be a bit challenging. There are several key factors to keep in mind when researching available residences in the area.

Nursing home situation leads to abuse allegations

It can be challenging to keep close watch on the type of care being provided for an elderly family member in an assisted living facility. Many adult children in Georgia have full time jobs and other daily commitments that may keep them from being able to visit aging parents as often as they would like. One recent nursing home incident has led a particular family to sue due to suspected staff negligence that they say constituted elder abuse.

Daughter of nursing home patient outraged at signs of abuse

Many adult children in Georgia have parents who reside full time in assisted living centers. Even those who are able to visit their parents regularly are not always able to observe (as closely as they would like) the type of care their parents are receiving. A situation at a nursing home in another state has left one man's daughter, who also happens to be a nurse, angry and suspecting abuse.

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