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Nursing home issues can spark elder law problems

When a Georgia adult son or daughter helps an aging parent transition to assisted living, he or she often speaks with many facility officials before determining which specific place is the best fit for his or her loved one. Nursing home issues are often a central focus of long-term care planning. Sadly, not all care providers do their jobs well. In fact, some are downright neglectful or abusive, which was apparently the case in another state.

Long-term care planning: Build a strong support network

In Georgia and across the country, the U.S. population is aging. If you're age 65 or older, you may find yourself focusing more on long-term care planning than you used to at a younger age. As time passes, it is understandable that you want to make sure your estate plan is organized and up to date, that you have discussed your wishes, needs and goals with your  loved ones, and are building a network of support that you can tap into for assistance, as needed.

Who will advocate for your loved one's assisted living needs?

When you were growing up, your parents likely made personal sacrifices in order to provide for your best interests. Perhaps they went without luxuries or vacations so that they could pay for braces you needed for your teeth or send you to sports camp every summer. Now, you're older and so are they, and you want to help them transition to a Georgia assisted living center while making sure their best interests are protected.

Is it time to talk to your parent about assisted living?

Most adult children in Georgia and beyond are willing to provide whatever support they can for their aging parents. What the "big picture" of this support might look like is unique in every household. For some, it means stopping by once a week to mow the lawn, drive mom or dad to his or her eye doctor appointment, or make a run to the grocery store. For others, however, much more daily living support is needed; in fact, many adult children are currently in situations where they see signs that their parents might need to transition to assisted living.

Helping a Georgia loved one resolve nursing home issues

It is no secret that leaving an independent living environment behind typically prompts numerous changes and challenges in the lives of Georgia elders. A senior may enter a nursing home by his or her own choice, or alongside a lot of prodding and convincing from adult children and others. It is critical for elders to know where to seek guidance and support as they adapt to full-time nursing care.

Helping a loved one optimize long-term care options

Many Georgia residents are senior citizens. Getting older often presents many cognitive, physical and financial challenges. Adult children and their aging parents can take comfort in knowing that they can tap into local support resources as needed to address long-term care issues that may arise.

Incapacitation: One of many elder law issues in Georgia

No one wants to consider the possibility that he or she might one day become incapacitated. Many Georgia residents will find themselves in need of assisted-living care this year. Adult children and other patient advocates will likely try their best to help their loved ones or clients develop elder law plans that protect their financial interests and provide for their medical health, as well.

Basic issues to consider regarding long-term care planning

There may come a time in any Georgia resident's life when he or she is unable to function independently on a daily basis. This type of situation may be prompted by an injury, a medical treatment such as surgery, or a natural decline in physical or mental health capacity due to the normal aging process. Long-term care planning can help meet health and personal care needs for as long as necessary in a particular situation.

Guardianship and possible hidden assets are central focus of case

An elderly man with a net worth of several million dollars was deemed incapacitated by a judge in another state in 2017. Since then, his girlfriend and her family have been battling against two people to whom the court granted guardianship. The situation has become increasingly heated, and the judge recently ordered the woman and her family to evacuate the estate owner's home. Georgia residents worried about similar elder law issues may want to follow this case.

Medicare versus Medicaid: Be sure you understand the difference

There are several government programs that serve elders in Georgia and beyond. Medicare and Medicaid are the two most people have at least heard of, if not know something about. However, there are a few key differences between these two program,s and it is critical that anyone incorporating either into a long-term care plan understand what each has to offer.

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