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Where to seek support for long-term care planning issues

Older Georgia residents may currently be facing complicated issues regarding Medicaid, annuities, insurance issues or other elder law problems. When long-term care planning problems arise, elders and adult children who may be trying to help can feel overwhelmed and unsure how to obtain support. Such issues can often have immediate and far-reaching repercussions on nursing home care or other assisted living situations.

Will your nursing home kick you out if your Medicare runs out?

Many Georgia elders are currently implementing their long-term care plans. This often includes paying for nursing home care. A lot of older people run into legal complications regarding Medicare and its qualification process. A ruling was recently handed down on a case in another state that may be of interest to those in this state who are facing similar problems.

Understanding the ABCs of Medicare

Georgia residents who are age 65 or older often encounter challenges related to their estate plans or other long-term care planning issues. Many elders also have trouble understanding the various facets of Medicare, often because the programs change from year to year. In some situations, an older man or woman may suffer an incapacitated condition, necessitating support from a younger, healthier loved one to carry out long-term care plans.  

Georgia senior citizens often face these issues

A brief survey of Georgia residents age 65 and older would likely result in similar answers if participants were asked about the benefits and downsides of aging. Some would like say that they are more comfortable in their own skins and do not worry about many things that caused them stress when they were younger. Then again, many may also relate to various challenges senior citizens often encounter, from physical mobility problems to legal issues such as estate planning or long-term care.  

Assisted living officials say woman is too frail to live there

A man in another state is currently facing an elder care problem involving his aunt that is reportedly increasingly common in Georgia and throughout the nation as well. The man's aunt is a 94-year-old who has been diagnosed with dementia. The problem arose after plans had been made for the woman to be transferred to a special assisted living care unit that is equipped to provide support to dementia patients.

Staff numbers important when protecting loved ones is the goal

Every year in Georgia and beyond, there are adult children tasked with helping their aging parents to transition to life in nursing homes. In such situations, protecting loved ones is a priority as thousands of elderly nursing homes patients have suffered neglect and abuse at the hands of their caretakers. No one wants his or her parents to suffer. There are several things adult children can do to help keep their loved ones safe.  

Long term care planning: How to overcome obstacles that arise

Getting older definitely can be challenging in many ways. As Georgia residents approach their golden years, they may have health problems or financial issues that need addressed. Some must transition to nursing home care, while others are focused on executing strong estate plans. Long term care planning typically includes numerous aspects in addition to planning an estate, however, and it helps to know where to seek support if complications arise.

How to tell if a Georgia nursing home makes the grade

When a Georgia family is thinking about executing a long-term care plan, it is often because one or both parents in the family are getting on in years and want to have their financial, medical and daily living situations in order so as to provide for their own needs and also to protect assets that will one day be transferred to their loved ones. A main topic of concern for many elders is nursing homes. In fact, a lot of people are currently in need of nursing home assistance, perhaps during recovery from a long stay in the hospital or because independent living is no longer a viable option.  

Long-term care planning: Often ignored but critically needed

Hundreds of thousands of people in Georgia and throughout the United States die without ever having executed final wills and testaments. Similarly, many elders ignore the need for long-term care planning, which can cause a lot of complications in their lives when sudden needs arise that they are not prepared to meet. There are several significant reasons why so many older people ignore this late-life issue.  

Long-term care: Is it time for an assisted living plan?

Thousands of adult children in Georgia and throughout the nation have become care providers for their aging parents. These sons and daughters no doubt love their parents and are doing their best to balance their own family life and professional obligations with the amount of time they spend at the homes of their parents, helping them with any number of issues, such as cooking, personal hygiene, transportation and more. Some families are currently trying to discern whether the time has come in their particular situations to execute an assisted living plan.  

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