Special Needs Planning

Providing Critical Support For Special Needs Families Throughout Georgia

Many people have more at stake than merely dividing money, property and other possessions among heirs — they must also preserve their responsibility to care for those who are unable to care for themselves, including minor children, the elderly and physically and mentally challenged adults. The experienced special needs planning law firm of J. Kevin Tharpe, P.C., can help you establish a Special Needs Plan that will provide you with peace of mind that the care for your loved ones with special needs will not diminish once you are unable to directly provide it.

As an experienced special needs attorney, J. Kevin Tharpe can create a customized plan with guidelines on how to protect and preserve government benefits and set aside lifelong funding to support your loved ones financially and personally when you no longer can. These are major considerations, and attorney J. Kevin Tharpe has the experience and legal knowledge to suggest the type of special needs and estate plan that is right for you and covers all your loved one’s needs.

A Trust Supports Your Loved Ones When You No Longer Can

Establishing a special needs trust (SNT) can provide you with peace of mind that your loved one’s care will continue once you are unable to directly provide it. SNTs can create customized guidelines to support your loved one financially and personally until a certain milestone (such as when a child turns 18), set aside lifelong funding and appoint a guardian.

These are major considerations, and Gainesville special needs attorney J. Kevin Tharpe has the experience and legal knowledge to suggest the type of trust that is right for you, and to carefully develop a special needs plan that covers all your loved one’s needs.

Types Of Special Needs Trusts In Georgia

There are generally two types of SNTs:

  • Self-settled trusts. With this type of special needs trust the special needs individual has already received his or her own funds. The special needs individual typically obtained this money through an inheritance, court decision or lawsuit settlement. This type of trust protects the special needs individual from disqualification from government benefits programs.
  • Thirdparty special needs trusts. The more common of the two, this type of trust is established by a parent, grandparent, guardian or caretaker of a person with special needs. It is administered the same as any other special needs trust. It protects from disqualification from government programs, but unlike a self-settled SNT, when the special needs person passes away, there is no payback to the government from this type of trust.

Additional Benefits

The SNT may not be the only planning available. There are many planning options in addition to SNTs that will ensure all state and federal benefits, including SSD, SSI and Medicaid. Our special needs attorneys in Young Harris and Gainesville, Georgia, can advise you on all of your planning options and advocate for all benefits that may be available to you and your family.

Rely On Capable, Compassionate Legal Counsel In Gainesville And Young Harris

If you have someone depending on you for support, it may be in their best interest to establish a Special Needs Plan to ensure their care when you are no longer able to provide it. Gainesville and Young Harris special needs and elder law attorney, J. Kevin Tharpe, has provided Gainesville, Young Harris and Northeast Georgia residents with solutions. He listens to your concerns and draws on his 25 years of experience to determine which type of special needs plan will work best for you and your family.

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