Special Needs Guardianships And Conservatorships

The Importance Of Planning Ahead Before An Emergency Arises

Legal guardianships and/or conservatorships may be established to care for minor children, special needs adult children and incapacitated adults. Guardianships are for the protection of the person, and conservatorships are for the management of the person’s property/assets. While you can establish them in emergency situations, it is better for all parties if the documents are set up before an emergency arises.

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Protecting The Interests Of Children And Adults

We represent parents applying to be the guardians of their adult special needs children. At age 18, people are legally considered adults, regardless of their ability to make legal, financial and health care decisions. To properly care for your child after age 18, you will need to establish a guardianship. As legal guardians, parents can make decisions regarding health care, finances and legal matters. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), parents must be legal guardians to discuss their adult child’s medical information with doctors when he or she turns 18.

We can also help you create a guardianship or conservatorship to protect an elderly or incapacitated adult. Adults may be temporarily or permanently disabled by injury, illness or dementia. If they are unable to make or communicate legal, financial and health care decisions, they need a trusted advocate to act on their behalf.

As a legal guardian or conservator, you can stop physical abuse, financial abuse and undue influence of an elderly individual. You can also ensure that the ward receives appropriate health care and daily care.

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